BOOHER 0200106 50-Piece 1000V Insulated Changeable Screwdriver Set




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(as of Nov 03,2020 13:16:48 UTC – Details)

Brand Introduction:  
BOOHER products have passed all kinds of professional institutions certification and testing, including the German Electrical Engineer Association VDE certification, IEC International Electrical Commission certification, the EU chemicals management laws and regulations of environmental protection REACH certification, the United States materials testing association testing, north of the United States military packaging testing waterproof Standard Test MILC-4150J, U.S. Federal low temperature drop test, etc.
(1) 7 Slotted blade 2.0×100,2.5×100,3.0x100,3.5×100,4.0x100,5.5×100,6.5x100mm
(2) Includes 3 Philips blade PH0x100,PH1X100,PH2x100mm
(3) Includes 3 PZ blade PZ0x100,PZ1x100,PZ2X100mm
(4) Includes 9 TORX blade T6x100,T8X100,T9x100,T10x100,T15x100,T20x100,T25x100,T27x100,T30x100mm 5 HEX Type blade H2.5×100,H3.0x100,H4.0x100,H5.0x100,H6.0x100mm
(5) Includes 2 Square Type blade R1x100,R2x100mm
(6) Includes 4 Y Type blade TRI1x100,TRI2x100,TRI3x100,TRI4x100mm
(7) Includes 4 Eccentric Philips blade TORO4x100,TORO6x100,TORO8x100,TORO10x100mm
(8) Includes 3 Spline(XZN) Type blade M4x100,M5x100,M6x100mm
(9) Includes4 U Type blade 4×100,6×100,8×100,10x100mm
(10) Includes 4 Key Square hole 6.3×89,8.1x89mm Triangular hole, Type Voltage Tester 125-250V

Each blade is tested to a voltage of 10,000 VAC and certified to 1,000 VAC
Each Insulated blade and whole grip has passed 2 times 10,000VAC test to ensure safety, obtained GS/VDE certificate
S2 steel with heat treatment, high hardness and good toughness and resistence
Special insulated material with anti-burn and high-low temperature resistance
Light-Weighted with Comfortable non-slip molded Power grip


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