Fish Tape Wire Puller Through Wall Wire Threader Fish plus Fish Cable Fastener with Steel rope 20FT(6M)




Price: $9.99
(as of Jan 04,2021 21:14:15 UTC – Details)

Material: Plastic-Coated Steel,Plastice Fastener with Steel rope.
Color: 12M Green Fish Cable and Red Fastener.
Size: 1200mm x 3mm/ 39ft x 10ft.
Package Content: 1 x 12M Green Fish Tape + 1 x Red Fastener.
How to Use? Please Pay Attention Below:
First, the line pipe should be paved properly (the elbow is best bent with a pipe bender), fix the line pipe;
Next, pass any end of the Fish tape through the line pipe, and pulls out a small segment of fish cable at another end;
Then, connect the wires and fish tape to Fastener;
Finally, one person pulls the end of the fish tape, and the other person slowly moves the wires into the pipe at another end.
When pulling difficult, you need to tap the pipe gently. With bit pulling force, small friction and strong penetrating,
the Plastic-Coated Fish Cable helps installers ru

⭐【Perfect Flexibility and Rigidity】Unlike fiberglass wire, it will not break if you bend too much, unlike other steel fish tape, it will not curl a lot. Our Plastic-Coated Steel Fish Tape has strong traction, good flexibility, Anti-aging and high temperature.
⭐【Plastic-Coated Steel】With non-conductive plastic-coated construction, the versatile fish cable is applicable for telecom, electrical, wall, floor conduit and other wiring installation. It is the perfect tool to assist you in pulling cables through occupied duct and panel boxes.
⭐【Fish Tape Fastener】Fish tape fastener is used to help fish tape more convenient to use. One side is connected with wire, the red line cap can prevent wire disconnect when pull it. Another side is connected with fish tape, which makes the wire and fish tape connect firmly.
⭐【360°Available Head Wheel】The Head wheel at the end of steel wire is 360° available, much easy to across through the bends. And the unique connection method makes it durable and convenient life.
⭐【Attention】The Fish Cable works great in smaller conduit, but not thicker cables or large pipe.


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